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Having searched through our archive files we have the following Corps’ Olympic memorabilia.  Plus a selection from the 2012 Olympics. 

Ex QMSI N Stuart
Training in Fox Gymnasium
Ex QMSI N Stuart
Competing in the Adams Shield
Fox Gymnasium
Ex SI B Tancred
Shot & Discus
1968 and 1972 Olympics
Ex SI B Nankeville
1948 and 1952 Olympics
Lt Col (Retd) G Moore
1948 Olympics
Lt Col (Retd) B Lillywhite
1968 and 1972 Olympics
Maj (Retd) J Wood MBE BEM 
1980 and 1984 Winter Olympics
Ex QMSI K Akabusi MBE
1984 and 1992 Olympics
1968 Olympics (Army Competitors)
left to right:  Ex SSI R Bright (APTC) , Major RM Mortimer (RCT), Capt MG Howe (Para), Sgt JR Fox (REME), General Sir Geoffrey Baker, GCB, CMG, CBM, MC, shaking hands with Gnr J McGonigle (RA then APTC), LCpl B Lillywhite (RCT then APTC), Ex SI W Tancred (APTC), SSgt B Jones (RHA), Lieut R Craig (RCT)
Ex CMSI J Pancott Ex CMSI W Stuart MBE Ex CMSI R Gradley
1960 Rome
1964 Tokyo

1956 Melbourne
1960 Rome
1964 Tokyo (Manager)
1968 Mexico
1972 Munich

1960 Rome

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