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The RAPTC Association is located at Fox Lines, Queen’s Avenue, Aldershot, and was established to promote a lasting bond of friendship between the serving and retired members of the Corps in order to foster mutual comradeship and to promote esprit de corps.

The RAPTC Association has six UK based branches across the United Kingdom and contacts around the world.  It is open to all serving and retired RAPTC personnel. Further details on the branch locations and contact details can be found on this site.



The RAPTC Association aims are to promote the efficiency of the Army by:

  • Maintaining contact between past and present members of the RAPTC, AGS, APTS and APTC (hereafter referred to jointly as the RAPTC).
  • Fostering esprit de corps, comradeship and welfare of the RAPTC and thereby preserving its traditions.
  • Assist, either generally or individually, past and present members of the RAPTC and their descendants, who are in conditions of need by virtue of financial hardship, sickness, disability or the effects of old age (hereafter referred to as beneficiaries).
  • Supporting the formal Ministry of Defence (MoD) policy for Resettlement and assisting RAPTC Association Life Members to find employment on their transition to civilian life and for the remainder of their working life.
  • The commemoration and remembrance of those members of the RAPTC who have died while on active service and the encouragement of public recognition of the sacrifice made by such personnel.

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The RAPTC rowing team have given an extremely impressive performance at the Army Regatta 2017. The team came away with 8 - 1st place finishes and 4 - 2nd place finishes, proving that, although only in their first year as a team, they are definitely one to watch for the future. The Army Regatta, organised by WO2 Pollock and the RAPTC team, consisted of rowers from various cap badges across the British Army competing in 2 events: A 2000m time trial and a 400m sprint race. The team will continue to develop and train new RAPTCIs and now have their sites firmly set on the Joint Service Regatta taking place in September!

The results for the RAPTC team were:

2000m Time Trial:

Coxed Four – 1st place, Capt Jackson (Cox), Capt Sawyer, WO2 Southern-Naylor, WO2 Pollock, SSgt Steels
Open Double – 1st place, Capt Jackson, WO2 Southern-Naylor
Open Double – 2nd place, Capt Sawyer, WO2 Pollock
Open Single – 1st place, SSgt Steels
Novice Double – 1st place, Sgt Cilliers, Sgt Potter

400m Sprint Race:

Coxed Four - 1st place - Capt Jackson (Cox), Capt Sawyer, WO2 Southern-Naylor, WO2 Pollock, SSgt Steels
Coxed Quad - 1st place - WO2 Southern-Naylor (Cox), Capt Sawyer, SSgt Steels, Sgt Cilliers, Sgt Potter
Open Double - 1st place - Capt Jackson, WO2 Southern-Naylor
Open Double - 2nd place, Capt Sawyer, WO2 Pollock
Open Single - 1st place - SSgt Steels
Novice Single - 2nd place - Sgt Potter
Novice Double - 2nd place - Sgt Cilliers, Sgt Potter
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The RAPTC Martial Arts team have successfully completed a week long Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) training camp in Cyprus from the 6th through to the 14th June. The tour was conducted at Gracie Barra in Limassol with the team training up to 5 (tough) hours a day of both Gi and No Gi. The team consisted of Capt (MAA) R Pierce RAPTC, SSgt (SSI) T Horton RAPTC, SSgt (SSI) J Marshall RAPTC, SSgt (SSI) G Charlton RAPTC, Sgt (SI) L Crutchley RAPTC, Sgt (SI) N Santangeli RAPTC and Sjt C Wooton, Rifles. The team was fortunate enough to be supplemented with two former GB Judo players and aspiring RAPTCI’s namely LCpl C Hutchinson, Royal Engineers and Cpl R Parker, Royal Lancers whose Judo teaching and world class experience was second to none. ... See MoreSee Less

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Flag competition ASPT Grantham. AAPTI Course 04 embarked on their 4th flag competition - Potted Sports. After 6 events, 1 Section, led by Sgt (SI) Harrison managed to narrowly pip 2 Section (Sgt (SI) Taylor) to the top spot by a few points. ... See MoreSee Less

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On the 8th June 2017 Technogym held their annual pitch day at Stamford Bridge the home of Chelsea FC. The day brought together many of their clients from all over the UK with a large cohort being from the military of which 2 were from the RAPTC FC (SSgts Guyton and Gledhill).

The day comprised of 4 teams competing in a tournament on the fabulous Chelsea pitch. On arrival, each player was placed into a team and handed a shirt. They were then escorted to the first team changing rooms before heading out on to the pitch. Although the tournament was a little competitive, the priority was to have fun and experience playing in a premier league stadium.

It was a fantastic day and gave many failed footballers the chance to play in a world class stadium. Technogym hosted all those that attended superbly and anyone who is lucky enough to be offered the chance next year should grab it with both hands.
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