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The RAPTC Association is located at Fox Lines, Queen’s Avenue, Aldershot, and was established to promote a lasting bond of friendship between the serving and retired members of the Corps in order to foster mutual comradeship and to promote esprit de corps.

The RAPTC Association has six UK based branches across the United Kingdom and contacts around the world.  It is open to all serving and retired RAPTC personnel. Further details on the branch locations and contact details can be found on this site.



The RAPTC Association aims are to promote the efficiency of the Army by:

  • Maintaining contact between past and present members of the RAPTC, AGS, APTS and APTC (hereafter referred to jointly as the RAPTC).
  • Fostering esprit de corps, comradeship and welfare of the RAPTC and thereby preserving its traditions.
  • Assist, either generally or individually, past and present members of the RAPTC and their descendants, who are in conditions of need by virtue of financial hardship, sickness, disability or the effects of old age (hereafter referred to as beneficiaries).
  • Supporting the formal Ministry of Defence (MoD) policy for Resettlement and assisting RAPTC Association Life Members to find employment on their transition to civilian life and for the remainder of their working life.
  • The commemoration and remembrance of those members of the RAPTC who have died while on active service and the encouragement of public recognition of the sacrifice made by such personnel.

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Congratulations to WO2 Andy Halliday (RAPTC) who completed his 300th FA Premier League match as an Assistant Referee on Monday evening at the fixture between Everton v Swansea City. ... See MoreSee Less

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Another year has flown by and as I reflect on what the Corps has achieved over the past twelve months it really has been tremendous.

As a Corps our reputation continues to flourish across the Army and Defence. This is evident from the many plaudits I received from all I engage with on RAPTC business. I am grateful for your continued professionalism and esprit de corps and you all should be extremely proud of what we have achieved throughout 2017.

On behalf of HQ RAPTC, I would like to wish all Corps personnel and their families a fantastic Christmas and a joyful New Year.

Lt Col (SMAA) TP Scarr RAPTC
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The Army School of Physical Training in Aldershot held a parade to formally congratulate the Soldiers of RAPTC Instructor Training Course number 211 and All Arms Physical Training Instructor Course 52 on completion of their respective courses.

RAPTC Instructor Training Course number 211 completed the 30 week with 10 Soldiers from across the Army being awarded the coveted cross swords and crown, which marks their transfer into the Royal Army Physical Training Corps. Additionally, following successful completion of the RAPTC (Reserve) selection earlier this year, LCpl Astridge transferred into the Royal Army Physical Training Corps (Reserve). Sgt (SI) Astridge is a former APTCI who, after a 9 year gap joined the Army Reserve and completed the Army Reserve PTI scheme before returning to the Corps.

All Arms Physical Training Instructor Course Number 52 commenced on the 16th of October with 117 Soldiers successfully completing the course and being awarded their coveted cross swords. In attendance was Lt Col Lewis (RAPTC) who personally congratulated and presented his son LCpl Lewis his crossed swords.
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Corps SM update:

Thank you to those who have facilitated visits recently. I continue to be impressed by the hard work, loyalty and standard of delivery from our cohort. Looking forward to many more visits in 2018.
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Corps SM Update:

The very best of luck to the 10 RAPTCIs who were recently ‘Dined Out’ of the WOs’ & Sgts’ Mess. Attendance was excellent with 130 attendees ~ long may it continue!
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